The uniqueness of every project is special to us and we work with customers to provide maximum satisfaction.

What makes soapstone so customizable?

Seams are not a problem

Let's be honest...seams exist! Most companies take care to avoid this delicate topic. Not us! We understand and prioritize this concern. Our willingness to work with customers to minimize visible cuts into the stone reflects in our work, regardless of the material. However, soapstone is the material we recommend to make sure those pesky seams are lost in the craftsmanship and beautiful characteristics of the stone!

Talc, the not-so-secret ingredient

The high percentage of talc content in soapstone gives it unique attributes. Talc is the reason for both the softness and durability of soapstone. Soapstone lends itself to carving while maintaining a dense and resistant surface. It's the best of both worlds!

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It's customizable

Soapstone provides wide stylistic flexibility & designs are unique.

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It's durable

Soapstone is dense, durable & projects are timeless.

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It's maintainable

Soapstone is resistant to stains & bacteria.

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