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What makes soapstone so durable?

"Heat Resistant" is an understatement

Soapstone is primarily composed of talc and shares many of this minerals properties. This includes an incredible resistance to heat. For example, in Europe soapstone is even used for the manufacturing of masonry heaters and wood burning stoves.

Placing hot objects (such as a tea kettle) on your soapstone countertops will not warp, discolor or harm the stone. 

Stain Resistant

Soapstone's density gives it an incredible resistance to acids and chemicals that not all stones possess. Many chemistry lab tables are built using soapstone because of this reason!

The same density that protects this stone from acids will keep your counters free of any unwanted stains!

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It's customizable

Soapstone provides wide stylistic flexibilty. Designs are unique.

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It's durable

Soapstone is dense and incredibly durable. Projects are timeless.

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It's maintainable

Soapstone is resistant to stains and bacteria. Maintenance is safe & simple.

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